The CSDC is led by its members. There are many committee opportunities available to members who wish to help in specific areas. There are a number of permanent committees and task and/or event-specific committees. Task and/or event-specific committees require a shorter time commitment.


Please contact us if you are interested in participating on a committee.

Permanent Committee Listing

Education Committee

Oversees the SDL Designation, CSDC Certification and training across all platforms (online courses, webinars, teleconferences, in-person training) Co-chair: Shigeo Iwamiya, SDL; Master's in Higher Education from Salisbury University, Interim Diversity & Inclusion Director at Suffolk Uninversity, National Gay Flag Football League (NGFFL) Board Member, Gay Bowl Liaison Shigeo's LinkedIn Bio Co-chair: Open Member: Jerrine Lee, SDL; Master's in Recreation, Parks and Sports Management from Virginia Commonwealth University, Sports Development Manager at Richmond Region Tourism Jerrine's LinkedIn Bio Member: Micah Porter, SDL (Pending); Master's in Global Studies from University of Denver, Assistant Principal at Alameda International Jr./Sr. High School, International Studies Educator, Track & Field Coach Micah's LinkedIn Bio Member: Connie Wardman, SDLT; Master's in Education from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Executive Editor & Education Director at Compete Sports Diversity Connie's LinkedIn Bio

Media Committee

Provides assistance with website reviews, press releases, media and marketing referrals, media training, social media and collateral review. Co-chair: Open Co-chair: Open

Leadership Committee

Guides the course of the CSDC. Co-chair: Jared Garduno, SDLT Co-chair: Open Member: Eric Carlyle, SDLT
Member: Shigeo Iwamiya, SDL
Member: Sam Lehman
Member: Jake Mason, SDL
Member: Larry Ruiz, SDL
Member: Ken Scearce, SDL
Member: Angela Smith, SDL
Member: Connie Wardman, SDLT For complete Leadership Committee bios click here.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee acts as a liaison between prospective members and CSDC membership. The key tasks of the committee include:

  • Develop and support committee co-chairs in implementing recruitment and retention initiatives
  • Coordinate new member mentorship with the Education Committee
  • Coordinate new member resources with the Resource Committee

In addition, committee co-chairs work closely with the CSDC leadership team to set membership goals and new member support resources.

Recommended Member Commitment

  • Members attend a quarterly committee teleconference scheduled with the committee co-chairs
  • Members attend at least one CSDC general membership call each year
  • Plan on investing one-two hours per month on committee business
Co-chair: Open Co-chair: Open

Partnership Committee

Develops sponsorship opportunities between our members and corporate partners. Co-chair: Chip McKenney Co-chair: Open
Member: Dennis Centorbi
Member: Jake Mason, SDL

Resource Committee

Makes referrals and assists members with special requests. Co-chair: Open Co-chair: Open
Member: Clay Partain, SDLT (pending)

Sin City Classic Committee

Develops our strategy for CSDC Sin City Classic participation. Co-chair: George Yin, SDLT (pending) Co-chair:

Task and/or Event Specific Committees

Conference Committee

Recommends Conference location(s), agenda, etc.

Recognition and Awards Committee

Assists in selecting award winners.

Website Upgrade Committee

Develops and designs our member website.

Survey Committee

Assists in developing, distributing and tabulating important survey questions and the answers.